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Time to feel Better?

You have found the right place.

Within the clinic are two practitioners;  Dr. Jean Layton and Edward P. Layton

Although we work together frequently, you can chose one of us to work with or both.

If you are in pain, start with Ed and his fun clinic, HamsterPuncture, Bellingham Community Acupuncture

Peace, Pins, Naps

If you are searching for a guide through food allergies and intolerances, Dr. Jean Layton is your physician.


Give the office a call to set up a an appointment with Dr. Jean or Ed  at 360-734-1659

Then click on over to the initial forms to be ready to feel better.

Our office is open Monday – Friday.

Address is 1609 Broadway Suite 202

Bellingham WA 98225

We are just one block toward the bay from ReStore




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